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Newsletter March 2019

Posted: Mar 5th, 2019

Dear Parents

March is here and we are looking forward to spring and hopefully some warmer weather.

We had a great time Ice skating at Britannia arena. It was good to see you coming out and participating. The children thoroughly enjoyed our little outing and some of them have said that they want to learn how to skate.

We are apologizing for the short notice but wouldn't it have been for Tallia (Etai's mom) we wouldn't even have known that BC Hydro was going to turn the Power off that day. Thank Tallia.

Many children are now part of our reading program and we would like to thank all parents for taking the time to practice to read with your children, it makes a big difference . Reading is so much more complex than just reading the story itself. Even though the children are reading their book many times over, it really benefits their ability to memorize the spelling of the words that they are seeing in their books. The English language has many exceptions that can only be mastered by lots of practise and memorization. Reading comprehension is another important factor that all children will need later on in Elementary school. Feel free to ask your child questions about the stories they are reading.

We also would like to ask to NOT remove the staples from the readers to copy them as this will destroy our books.

Spring Break is coming up and our school will be closed from March 18h to March 29th 2019.

School will be back in session on Monday April 1st 2019..

Thank you for re-registering your child/children with our school. We have now opened registration for new children. It looks like we have spaces in the afternoon class available.

Please remember to move your watches one hour ahead on Sunday March 10th 2019 for Daylight Savings time .

Ingrid and Cynthia


Posted: Jun 14th, 2018

Dear Parents

We have some exciting news.

As many parents have been requesting to add Mandarin to our program we will
include Mandarin into our curriculum starting September 2018.

We will teach the children Mandarin twice per week through stories, art, role play and songs as well as games.

Ms. Chen will use her previous teaching expertise, as she was an instructor at Richmond Mandarin school for Children Preschool age to grade 2.

We are are very excited about this and looking for ward to the coming school year .

Cynthia and Ingri